29 January 2009

No. 18 - Hold a Baby

While I didn't get a picture of me holding him, I can honestly say that I held my 13-month old cousin Daykelito. That's him up there driving  the car around the neighborhood :-)

The First 85...

1. Buy a souvenir for a friend
2. Eat a piece of fruit I've never tried before
3. Buy a pair of shoes
4. Keep a photo journal of a vacation
5. Eat lunch in a part of a city I've never been to
6. Wear a dress
7. Do 15 minutes of yoga every other day for 30 days straight
8. Create a hard and fast schedule for the littles
9. Go see a live NFL game
10. Make a calendar using the best pictures taken in each individual month
11. Play Trivial Pursuit with friends
12. Take a road trip
13. Take 2 pictures with friends each month for 6 months
14. Create a solid and functionl household budget
15. Buy and install a speed bag in the basement
16. Give someone a handmade gift
17. Face a phobia
18. Hold a baby
19. Meet my sister
20. Memorize a new song
21. Speak Spanish for 2 minutes a day for 30 days straight
22. Go on a date once every 3 weeks for 3 months straight
23. Make a clay figurine
24. Drive to Canada
25. Research how to bring Waffle House to Chicago
26. Go to a museum
27. Start a mini-garden
28. Read an entire section of a newspaper
29. Learn to play a song on the guitar
30. Go see a play on Broadway in Chicago
31. Go to the ballet
32. Read a magazine while laying out on the beach
33. Send a long-lost friend a greeting card
34. Go ice skating with a friend
35. Go swimming
36. Kiss a fool
37. Host a small dinner party
38. Live 24 hours without my Blackberry
39. Wear a skirt+makeup to work
40. Fly somewhere I've never been
41. Lose 30 pounds
42. Learn how to make a new entree
43. Learn a new phrase in a foreign language
44. Play the push-up game with a deck of cards
45. Get a manicure/pedicure
46. Catch the 5:30a train to Union Station
47. Move my boxes from the garage into the utility room
48. Go to a latin dance club
49. Go bowling with a friend
50. Go to a salsa group class
51. Take the littles on an hour-long walk
52. Read a novel
53. Get a facial+massage
54. See a movie at the movie theater once a week for a month
55. Train the littles for 30 minutes straight each night for two weeks
56. Play Wii Fit 133 days in a row
57. Go to the gym 96 weekdays in a row
58. Go snowboarding or skiing
59. Ride a horse on a trail
60. Take part in a 5K walk
61. Learn to say hello in 60 languages
62. Memorize the names of each country in Africa
63. Learn how to read French at a first grade level
64. Visit the top of the Empire State building
65. Donate blood
66. Audition to be in a commercial
67. Create a video for YouTube
68. Go to a concert
69. Keep a 3-month journal during the summer
70. Learn how to say something flattering in American Sign Language
71. Ride a mechanical bull
72. Go to the World of Coke
73. Bury a time capsule
74. Send flowers to someone for no reason at all
75. Send a message in a bottle
76. Smile at 20 strangers
77. Design a cocktail
78. Give in to an impulse I normally supress
79. Spend a holiday on an island
80. Go to a shooting gallery
81. Taste a vintage wine
82. Spend five dollars at a slot machine
83. Go a week without using text/IM speak or abbreviations for words not used before the invent of AOL
84. Keep a food journal until June
85. Save $100 a month for a vacation to a far-off place

14 January 2009

My 101

  1. Gradually build up to doing 100 push-ups in less than 2 mins
  2. Reach my goal of doing 100 sit ups in less than 2 mins
  3. Learn how to remain afloat for 5 mins in pool
  4. Perm my hair
  5. Alot 20-30 mins of ME TIME
  6. Get MORE ORGANIZED [this includes balancing!!!]
  7. Incorporate running into my everyday routine
  8. ACE NET the second time around
  9. Meet all the wonderful people!!!
  10. Participate in a walk/run for a great cause!!
  11. Get at least 6-7 hours a sleep a night continuously for a week!
  12. Learn how to salsa! I'm up for it if UJ is willing!
  13. Kick a pain in the neck out of the house by mid-February
  14. Tybo for at least 30 minutes a day
  15. Cook lasagna from scratch
  16. Grow an Avocado tree
  17. Build a Bear
  18. Buy a wii and then play it religiously when I get it
  19. Scream at the top of my lungs at the top of a mountain
  20. Eat spaghetti ice cream in Germany...or a place where I can get some
  21. Learn 10 words in Chinese
  22. Wear a bathing suit
  23. Walk a run way
  24. Show up to work pipitty nice one day
  25. Learn how to walk in 3 inch heels
  26. Do something at least once a day that will make me happy
  28. Karaoke and dance to Techno Cumbia
  29. Visit the Aquarium
  30. Save money for Retirement
  31. Wish everyone I know a happy birthday this year
  32. Eat a salad once a week
  33. Get a Make-Over
  34. Do something nice for someone out of the blue
  35. Support my cousins' in one of their school events
  36. Go to six flags with my sister over the summer
  37. Purchase seat covers for my car-the lint is ridiculous
  38. Figure out a way to obtain my own Knight Rider Mustang
  39. Try Herbal Essence Shampoo to see if it really make me say yes
  40. Listen to the news in Spanish/watch a Telenovela
  41. Use medical jargon in a conversation with someone
  42. Pick up medical terminology in Spanish
  43. Put together a Spanish CD-gotta love el mechon
  44. Dip my face in a pie
  45. Write a letter to someone out of the blue and send it to them via mail. Isn't it nice to get actual mail in your mailbox instead of spam and bills?
  46. Complete my dog latch hook and frame it, if possible
  47. Learn how to sew
  48. Play cards with the elderly
  49. Hang out with a friend
  50. Accessorize
  51. Give clothes to charity
  52. Hang out with my new secondary fam
  53. Cook a new dish that I've never tried before

...............................................................to be continued....................................................................................